Portraits of Eternity is an arthouse pornographic film produced by ExtranetPlayground under its 'EP Intimate' label.

The film follows Razi (Silk), an asari maiden studying art on Palaven, who having formed an attraction to a fellow student (Caralus Flint) volunteers to be the live model for a class he is part of. Over the course of successive sessions of modelling, Razi gradually sheds inhibitions as the vivid fantasies she indulges in while being painted spill over into reality.

Pitched towards couples (especially asari/turian pairs in light of its cast), Portraits of Eternity produced strong sales and positive critical response in Asari Republics and Turian Hierarchy markets. Elsewhere reviews were more mixed: Silk, in only her second professional role, earned praise for carrying the weight of a largely dialogue-free film via expression and body language, and the cinematography (filmed on location on Palaven) was highly regarded, but several reviewers noted that the highly explicit imagery felt out of place in an otherwise reserved work, a common reaction to 'classical' asari pornography.